Fit-Play Funding Awards

Fit-Play have been awarded funding from some of the West Lancashire division of Lancashire County Councillors from the Lancashire County Council Local Member Grant Scheme and also the Furness Building Society-Community Giveaway.

Fit Play is a project that offers affordable fitness, health and wellbeing activities for parents with young children with a crèche so they can bring their children with them.

The project offers parents who are usually often isolated and stuck at home with young children the chance to not only build on their fitness and self esteem, but will also offer the opportunity for their children to play and engage with other children in a safe and appropriate setting.

Lancashire County Council Grants:

  • Cllr Julie Gibson – Skelmersdale West £250.
  • Cllr Nikki Hennessy – Ormskirk £200.
  • Cllr Terry Aldridge – Skelmersdale Central. £250.

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Furness Building Society £150.

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